Investor Realty excels in discovering, evaluating, managing and leasing investment grade properties; commercial, retail, office, industrial. A successful transaction involves a seller, a buyer and a lending company. It’s the Real Estate triple play and we coordinate all aspects of the transaction.

Investor Realty assists our Clients in creating Real Estate Investment Strategies to create wealth in commercial Real Estate. 

Three ways to create wealth in Real Estate:

– Income from Rental Income

– Income from Property Appreciation

– Income from Principal Mortgage Reduction

Valuing Real Estate, whether selling or buying, is key to a successful transaction. Investor Realty establishes the Market Value of your commercial Property that will be approved by a lending institution and we assist our Clients to locate financing for the transaction.

We have identified 20 key ABC’s of commercial real estate investing which help develop a successful investment or buying strategy. We spend the time necessary with our Clients to avoid real estate investment pitfalls during and after the transaction.

Don Collins represented my partner and me in the sale of a commercial real estate package which we owned in Evansville, Indiana. Mr. Collins showed the utmost of professionalism and follow thru in handling this transaction. Our company owns considerable commercial real estate in the Midwest and we would not hesitate to utilize the services of Mr. Collins should any of our locations fit geographically.
Allen Rose, President Rose Construction Company
I listed for about 8 years in Evansville with about 3 or 4 different realtors – some of which were the top advertisers in their field.  Until Don Collins came along, I was prepared to pull it off of the market for a while. In his own determined & persevering way, he discussed this property with me, looking for ideas and giving me ideas. Like an attorney, he took these ideas and went to work putting all of these property owners together, even though some had not thought about selling this quickly This presented an attractive package for a future investor.  It worked and in a few months the property was successfully sold. Eight years of angst was successfully obliterated.
Gene Purdue, Investor